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Saturday, March 13, 2010

connecting to a database with sqlplus

Here are some examples:

sqlplus user/password@alias
Here the alias has to be resolved into the full name. This can be done with the tnsnames.ora file or by contacting an LDAP directory. Alternative is to provide all the connect details in line.

sqlplus sys/oracle@orcl as sysdba
While this is handy it's also a potential security risk. In Linux/Unix it might show up in show processes. Before 10g you could use quotes like sqlplus "/ as sysdba", now you safely login with sqlplus / as sysdba

sqlplus /nologon
This prevents the immediate login prompt. Afterwards you connect from the SQL prompt:
SQL> connect sys/oracle@orcl as sysdba
Please note that it's not always necessary to specify the sid.

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